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My successful Adoption Story- Dazzler

Question: How did you and Dazzler meet?

I came to know about Pack sanctuary from some forum, when I checked it out on FB and on your website his innocent face struck me like a lightning I wanted to adopt him before anybody could have adopted in the event so I asked my friends to join me in checking out Dazzler

When I first saw him it was like Love at first sight, It was not only I who chose Dazzler it was also him choosing me. The walk on the beach helped us in accepting each other, the way he was jumping from one rock to other it was quite clear he is a livewire and joyful boy

His energy level is what was a good match. We are a good match because our energy level match, may be if he had a higher energy level and I couldn’t have been able to fulfill it then maybe things could have been different.

Question:Why do you want to adopt a shelter dog at this moment in your life?

I always wanted to have a dog at home may be because I was too attached to my old dog that passed away peacefully in my childhood due to old age. Back then he was adopted by my grandfather who introduced me to dog. After he passed away my Dad was heartbroken and never had one again, However I was waiting for the right moment before adopting a dog. As my career became more stable and I was confident enough to give Jackal(name of my dog in memory of my old dog) enough time, I took the call to adopt him.

My Grandfather always used to say Dog is the most Loyal thing in life, trust him with life and he can give life for you.

Before adopting a dog make sure 1) Stability in life 2) Commitment for life 3) you have loads of love to share.


Question:How was Dazzler when he just arrived? How has he adapted to life outside the shelter?

He is a cool guy, before getting it to home I made sure he has calmed down we spent almost 1 hour in the park both trying to get used to each other, made sure he pooped and urinated before entering home once he was tired he calmly entered the house

I had already made the crate ready(a big cage like the one he was used to in shelter) he straight away entered into it and took a small nap I didn’t disturb him for next 6 hours because I wanted him to get accustomed to the house

I intentionally kept the door of crate open so that he can come out and explore home and get used to it, I did make him wear diapers for first 4 days to stop him from marking/urinating at home

As I stay alone in home and for 8-9 he has to manage alone at home when I go to office. So in the morning he have a good 50-60 mins of walk(my grandfather used to say a tired worked out dog is a happy dog) during this time Jackal attends his nature’s call. Once we are back he has his water and his food. When I leave to office I put some extra water for him for the entire day, keep the balcony open and slip to office quietly. I don’t play with him 15-20 mins before leaving and I prefer ignore him

After I come back from office initially I used to walk in quietly and ignore him for 15-20 mins after which we used to go for our evening jogging gradually it has improved from 30 mins to now 1.5 hrs to 2 hours he attends his nature’s call, we play and jog after we are back we both are tired he has his water and food after which slips into his bed.(We don’t use the crate/cage anymore).

Question:How did Dazzler change your life?

He has indeed changed my life, he has brought happiness and smile to my life.

I am lot more fitter by spending time outside with him.

I did sacrifice laziness and some bad habits like sleeping late till late in the morning and reaching office late LOL

Question:How do you deal with Dazzler when he is not in the good mood?

He is a cool guy it’s just every dog takes time to get adjusted with the environment.

Unlike I was warned he likes making new friends, he likes taking a bath and I clean him after that and he is not too bad with kids so proper socialization is necessary.

I have never faced him in a bad mood.

I just follow the rule given by my grandpa “A tired and exhausted dog is a happy dog.”

Question:Do you have any suggestions for people who want to adopt dog but not sure if they can handle the tough part of having a shelter dog?

Here are my suggestions, make a dog whose energy level match with yours.

Take time and have patience with him he will take time to adjust to environment(I took more than a month to get adjusted to Taipei atleast he is better than me)

Most important part do some research see educational videos, read forums and learn how to deal with dogs in today’s internet world everything is available on web

Never allow your dog to be your boss else you will have a hard time. Generally an adopted dog will try to see test your dominance after 2-4 weeks just to know his boundary handle him properly during that time.

Trust it with your life and love it like your child. A dog will never break your trust, give it some time to get adjusted.

Dazzler is very lucky to meet a well prepared and patient family. Some dogs quickly adapt to new environments, some takes it slowly. Let’s be patient and sprinkle more love, and be amazed by the beauty of life transformation. Congratulations again to Dazzler, and big thank you to Chiranjibi Sahoo for opening your arms and start a new chapter Dazzler.

There are more dogs like Dazzler waiting for home

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