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An Adoption Love Story- Huban and Tom

PACK Sanctuary regularly keeps in touch with our adopters. Being the great matchmakers that we are, we like to make sure our animals and their new humans are happy together.

Today’s adoption success story comes from Max and Rhianna, who adopted two of our favorite animals, Huban and Tom.

We reached out to Max and Rhianna to ask how life has been going with their cuddly companions and if they would be willing to share a little bit about what it’s like to be an adopting parent.  

These are their stories:

Huban was rescued in Taiwan around 4 years ago. He was taken from his puppies to the government shelter where he was going to be euthanized for aggression when all he was doing was protecting his puppies.

He was rescued by PACK sanctuary. Max and Rhianna, who were volunteering at the sanctuary for 2 years fell in love with Huban and took him and his foster brother Tom home with them.

Tom was also rescued by PACK. He was found on the streets of Taipei. He was very thin and scared and had heartworms. After rescuing them, Max and Rihanna worked very hard to teach Tom to trust humans again as he was very shy and scared of people. After a little hard work and a lot of love, he has become so much more confident.

Before they left to go back home to the UK they decided they couldn’t live without the dogs so they spent 6 months finding the perfect place to live in the UK and arranged for Tom and Huban to fly to the UK to their new forever homes.


They now live in a happy and loving home in England.


Huban was recently entered into a best rescue competition and came 4th out of 15 dogs.

We feel so blessed to see them live happily in a far far away land. Shout out to the awesome PACK team “We did it” and we will not stop fighting for animals. We will always be their voice. 

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