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Freewheeling Canines

By Taipei Times – Han Cheung  /  Staff Reporter

With euthanasia a common practice used on sick or injured animals, two private shelters in Taiwan are trying to show that disabled dogs can live happy lives with proper care and customized wheelchairs

Recently, The PACK Sanctuary in New Taipei City’s Sanchih District (三芝) reached out to the shelter under its new directive to collaborate with more animal welfare organizations. PACK has six disabled dogs who have been sitting in a room for years with little rehabilitation. Yen gave them tips on caring for the dogs and donated a wheelchair for them to try.

While some dogs were hesitant, Lucy, who has been disabled for about two years, took to the wheelchair right away and is now the mascot for the shelter during their public events. She’s also shown signs of regaining the use of her legs after acupuncture and physical therapy.

“Everything has changed about her, even her stool,” the PACK CEO Tim Gorski says. “She had diarrhea for two years. I didn’t even change her diet; I just put her in a wheelchair and she got some exercise.”

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