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Welcome to PACK adoptions. So, you want a rescued animal to be your lovely new companion? We have dozens of loyal animals that will likely fit your personality and lifestyle all looking for a warm and wonderful family to be a part of. We are very careful about matching our animals with the right people, so you will need to provide us with some background information.

FOSTERING – What is that?

We are always looking to buid relationships with foster families who can help prepare our animals for permanent homes. We prefer a three month minimum for forstering. If you love animals but are not able to make a long-term commitment, fostering is for you. If you are interested in fostering an animal short term then you have come to the right place.

Both Processes Go Like This

  1. Fill out the form (takes about 20 minutes)
  2. An agent will contact you. (If an Agent does not contact you, please contact us.)
  3. Choose an animal below or set up an appointment to meet our animals
  4. Select a new companion that fits your lifestyle and personality
  5. One of our staff will arange a visit and a home safety check
  6. Begin Your Trial Adoption or Foster. Yea!

Huban and Tom’s Adoption Story

Huban was taken from his puppies to the government shelter where he was going to be put to sleep for being aggressive. Tom was very thin and scared and also had heartworms. There lives have changed so much after they came to PACK and met 2 very special people.

Successful adoption story-Dazzler

Dazzler found true love in his life. We want to share this love story with you and we interview Dazzler’s adopter. Hope this could help people who are thinking to adopt a dog to get ready.

Sweet and happy Seven

Seven has clean limbs with big dark doe eyes that are sure to melt your heart. He loves to cuddle and will make a fantastic companion.

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