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Corporate Family

Thank you!

Great companies support great causes. We at PACK know how important it is for corporations to choose the best charities to support. We are proud to work together for an overall win-win for our animals and our corporate partners. Together we improve the lives of Taiwan’s animals. Thank you for being with us all the way!

What is “MIZU” ? 
Japanese meaning “water”

MIZU” specializes in the field of “water” and has graciously provided us with a state of the art ozone bath system for our dogs



Quality pet foods and supplies. After all, pets are our companions and they deserve the best. Thanks to Benefit, our animals have a continuous supply of quality nutrition


From the Australian outdoor pet product brand EZYDOG, the brand spirit advocates the owners to engage in more outdoor activities with their pets. The product design is based on the principle of owner and the dog comfort, combining function, sports, fashion and practicality! This unique trendy designs have won many awards throughout the world!


Richart is designed for young people and wants to overthrow modern stereotypes of banks and provide “low threshold, low commission, high-interest rate, high feedback and convenience” with the concept of “simplicity, convenience, understanding and transparency”. A new type of financial service!

From September to December 2017, Richart, by Taishin Bank, ran a campaign where for each of their customers that used their app they donated to PACK.

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The largest European group of wholesalers and creators of the Hypermarket format. Since arriving in Taiwan in 1987, it is now the largest chain stores in Taiwan with the largest number of outlets, with over 100 branches.

Carrefour has chosen PACK as one its charities of choice.


PACK is proud to call BMW Long Der one of our supporters. On November they organized a fantastic event for BMW drivers, their families and fur babies.



Brand founder Master Saddlemaker and a dog friend Rolf Trautwein created the Hunter brand in Germany in 1980 in order to realize the dream of making high quality pet products.

Anyone who adopts an animal from PACK will receive a voucher from HUNTER, a copy of the in-store consumption code will be donated to PACK for 10% of the purchase price.


Lucky Cookies delicious raw meal, specially made for dogs, uses human consumption grade beef, lamb, chicken, and fish accompanied by fruits and vegetables plus essential nutrients. We do not add any grains or rice.

For each purchase of 3.5 kilograms of raw dog food using the coupon code LUCKYPACK, we will donate 15% of the purchase amount to PACK.

Founded in 2009, to bring the best products to pets and those who love them.

Arf Arf has donated heaps of their natural gentle shampoos to PACK, and also provides a free sample for adopters!


“UChange2” helps travelers store excess foreign currency into a wallet, convert to usable spending or to donate to PACK.


Maxpure provide solutions for clean water. What good is an animal shelter without clean water? Thanks Max Pure for your support. 

OLA OLA ice cream is frickin delicious, vegan, natural ice cream, combined with seasonal local, and high-quality plant-based ingredients.

In order to fulfill their corporate social responsibility, OLA OLA donates 1% of the ice cream price to PACK and is calling on the general public to take good care of animals and do public good.


OEC Group was established in 1981 to provide contract logistics of sea and air freight. They have 51 branches around the world and have an annual cargo volume of nearly 300,000 containers.

OEC donates to PACK to help us care for our animals.


Cin Cin imports the best Italian wines. The owner is Italian native Alessandro Zuttioni who has been in the wine industry in Taiwan for six years, hosting a number of tastings and lectures.

Cin Cin donates part of their revenues from events to PACK.


Bartok sells coffee with excellent quality so that coffee lovers can enjoy an incomparable coffee experience.

A total of 33% of the selling price of the product “Sumatra Mandheling of Emerald Indonesia” is donated to PACK every month.


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