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We Spend

$120 USD per animal
per month

370 Dogs

Available for Adoption

People For Animal Care and Kindness (PACK) cares for 430 rescued, abused, neglected, and aging animals. We collaborate with reputable organizations and the government in Taiwan to be a key contributor in the reduction of animal suffering, to promote health and welfare of animals, to reduce the number of homeless and unwanted pets, encourage the public to care for and value domestic and wild animals, thus promoting Taiwan on the world stage for animal welfare. 

Meet Lucy

Lucy lost the use of her back legs in an accident. Love, care and a wheelchair and she is SO happy :). She is still up for adoption or foster but to a very special family that understands special needs dogs. Visit our adoptions page for more info. 

How You Can Help


We have hundreds of lovely critters waiting for you!


We spend $120 USD per month to care for our animals


Your time and skills help will with fundraising and animal care


Freewheelin Canines

Freewheeling Canines By Taipei Times - Han Cheung  /  Staff Reporter With euthanasia a common practice used on sick or injured animals, two private shelters in Taiwan are trying to show that disabled dogs can live happy lives with proper care and customized...

Huban and Tom’s Adoption Story

Huban was taken from his puppies to the government shelter where he was going to be put to sleep for being aggressive. Tom was very thin and scared and also had heartworms. There lives have changed so much after they came to PACK and met 2 very special people.

Successful adoption story-Dazzler

Dazzler found true love in his life. We want to share this love story with you and we interview Dazzler’s adopter. Hope this could help people who are thinking to adopt a dog to get ready.