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We Spend

4,000 per animal
per month

370 Dogs

Available for Adoption

Please Meet Lucy

Lucy is a lovely dog that lost the use of her back legs in an accident. Love, care and a wheelchair and she is SO happy 🙂

How You Can Help


Adopt, don’t shop! We have hundreds of lovely dogs and cats!


We spend 4000 per month to care for our animals. We need your help!


We need your time and skills to help us with fundraising and animal care

Adoption Success

Sweet and happy Seven

Seven has clean limbs with big dark doe eyes that are sure to melt your heart. He loves to cuddle and will make a fantastic companion.

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The PACK Sanctuary is grateful to Zapier for them providing us with free use of some of their software. With their help we can better manage our website data which helps us communicate with donors and supporters.  ...

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