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臺灣巴克動物庇護所座落於綠意盎然的三芝山區,所內目前救援動物超過400隻,包含貓、狗、豬與羊。我們的熱血團隊不遺餘力地照顧毛孩們的日常生活及傷殘康復,期待熱愛動物的你/妳一同加入; 與我們一起享受狗花園熱情奔放的毛孩們,以及都市吸不到的新鮮空氣。如果您熱愛毛孩,歡迎與我們聯絡。薪資頗優,可議。

PACK Sanctuary is an animal rescue and rehab sanctuary in the beautiful Sanzhi mountain setting. We rescue and care for dogs, cats, pigs, and goats. We have over 400 animals in our care. It is a great opportunity to work outdoors with animals in a lovely setting with fresh air. If you love animals we just may have a position for you and our pay is competitive and negotiable


At PACK you will get to know and love hundreds of animals, learn basic animal training, learn to understand dogs and how to handle them correctly. Opportunities to work with professional animal trainers and vets. Our staff can cut nails, clean ears, groom fur, give injections and vaccines. We are confident with dogs in any situation. Do you know how to tickle a pig? We do!

巴克的工作環境辦公室相比,更有趣多元,你將學習到許多新技能。我們的夥伴各有各的長處,願意與你一起幫助毛孩們過更好的生活。加入我們,保證你的能力和自信大增!!! 這份工作並非所有人皆能勝任,我們的夥伴也都是精心挑選出的,你將也是萬中選一!!!

 We offer exciting and varied work environment, with plenty of opportunities to learn new skills. A boring office job this is not. Most importantly, our staff are part of something good, something that matters, that they can be proud of, making positive changes in the lives of hundreds of beautiful animals. You will come out of this job more skilled, more capable, and more confident in yourself and your abilities. This job is not for everyone, but we do not want just anyone.

 職務簡介ANIMAL CAREGIVER Position Summary:

你將成為Dog Kingdom狗花園毛孩照護團隊的一員,與其他工作夥伴一同為巴克毛孩們的健康福利把關,齊心提高毛孩們中途及領養機會。除了例行餵食、清潔環境、用藥清創以提升毛孩生命品質外,更期望您多與毛孩們互動以增加其社交能力,提高領養率,甚至進一步指導、訓練前來巴克服務的志工。

The Animal Caregiver will work within a team setting to oversee the health, well-being, and general care of the animals at the PACK – Sanzhi Outdoor Sanctuary and help to facilitate pet adoptions. The Animal Caregiver will also socialize dogs to prepare them for adoptions as well a train and oversee PACK volunteers.

若您對毛孩照護與福利促進懷抱熱情,巴克竭誠歡迎您! 具備動物照護經驗、受過動物醫療/獸醫相關訓練、有自己通勤用汽機車與有效駕照尤佳。

We prefer applicants with prior animal care work experience or training in animal husbandry or veterinary care and a valid driver’s license and transportation. But above all we require all staff to have a passion for animals and animal welfare.

Essential and Primary Duties/Responsibilities Include:

  • 實行並確保例行餵食、清潔、給藥,提供毛孩們更理想的生活。
    Perform and ensure daily feeding, cleaning, medicating and enrichment of our pet population is done in accordance to time frames and protocols


  • 記錄毛孩們日常行為,飲食與用藥習慣,交給領養專員及毛孩照護主管
    Monitor pet eating habits, behavior and medical habits/issues and ensure documentation is given to the Pet Adoption Center Manager, and the Pet Caregiver Lead.


  • 多留心照顧有特殊需求,特別是傷殘與年邁的狗兒。
    Attend to and support the special needs dogs, the disabled and elderly


  • 時常記錄,更新庇護所動物的檔案。確保資料管理系統內,毛孩資訊正確無誤,照片清楚無錯置。若有任何缺漏或錯誤需通報主管
    Maintain accurate, organized, up-to-date records for all the animals in the database. Ensure all pets have accurate information and quality photos appropriately placed to clearly identify them. Advising supervisor if anything is missing or inaccurate.


  • 與其他工作夥伴積極合作幫毛孩找家,提高送養機會
    Work positively with adoption team to promote pets to potential adopters.


  • 對外提供毛孩們的資訊,增加曝光率; 在毛孩與他未來家人相見歡時,幫助待領養人瞭解、掌握毛孩狀況。
    Provide pet information to the public and helping potential adopters with  “Meet ‘n Greets.”


  • 清點毛孩食物、乾糧、醫療用藥、清潔用品等存貨
    Perform inventory of all pet food, medical supplies, dry storage and cleaning supplies as well as daily pet population inventories
  • 通報庇護所內任何需要維護或修繕的事宜。
    Report all maintenance/repair issues to manager or lead.

Additional Duties:


  • 與領養專員及毛孩照護主管合力幫毛孩進行入園健康檢查與行為檢測,根據入園作業流程將毛孩資料輸入犬隻管理系統,並依照固定程序辦理毛孩送養
    In collaboration with the Adoption Specialists and Dog Kingdom Site Manager, perform intake exams for verification of health and behavior wellness as well as data entry of history in the population inventory software (Site Manager) on dogs as outlined in Admissions Protocol for PACK animals and following all procedure through the adoption process as indicated in said protocol.


  • 即時回應訪客問題,如:接到電話協助轉介負責人,若有未接來電留言則協助轉達訊息給相關工作夥伴
    Ensure prompt response to client inquiries, including but not limited to: answering questions and appropriately directing calls to other team members when relevant, checking voice mail messages and overseeing call backs and information is delivered to appropriate staff.

Required skills and experience:



  • 若有一年照顧狗兒們的經驗或具備農場動物看護經驗尤佳。
    1 year previous experience working with dogs highly preferred. Farm animal experience is appreciated.
  • 必須能與所有的犬隻工作,包含健康失調以及行為失衡的狗兒。有領養經驗者尤佳。

    Must be able to work with all dogs, including those with health concerns/conditions as well as behavior conditions. Adoption experience also preferred.


  • 歡迎擅於團隊合作,人際互動,正向積極,能善巧應變解決問題的你加入!
    Strong interpersonal skills to handle sensitive and confidential situations. The ideal person for this job would be a team player, positive, personable, upbeat, and energetic, takes initiative, and uses tact and diplomacy


  • 有能力、自信、彈性與耐力,積極主動發現問題,堅持不懈找尋資源與解答,秉持隨時都準備好面對挑戰,下場一搏的態度。
    Resourceful, roll up the sleeves attitude. The successful candidate must have the initiative to resolve problems and seek answers independently and enthusiastically demonstrate flexibility to persist until goals are achieved.


  • 了解犬隻品種、性格以及照護方式。
    Knowledgeable of breeds, care giving, and characteristics of animals.
  • 工作節奏步調甚快,請發揮渾身解數,因應各項任務與需求。
    Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment with demonstrated ability to juggle multiple competing tasks and demands.


  • 基本電腦能力:微軟文書、網路,PetPoint 或是 Shelter Manager管理軟體,Google文件以及使用電子郵件。
    Computer literate: Microsoft Office, Internet, PetPoint or Shelter Manager shelter software, Google docs and e-mail.


  • 有客戶服務經驗尤佳。
    Customer service experience preferred
  • 有能力與專業向大眾介紹推廣臺灣巴克。
    Ability to professionally advocate PACK’s position on issues.
  • 雙語,通基本中英文者尤佳
    Bilingual in English and Chinese preferred
  • 良好人際互動溝通以及公開場合與大眾互動的經驗
    Experience interacting with the general public and excellent interpersonal skills
  • 有效駕照,能配合公務出勤。
    Valid driver’s license with access to transportation to travel on organization business.      

Physical Requirements:

  • 日常固定搬運15公斤不成問題。
    Must be able to routinely lift 15kg.
  • 照護專員平日身體活動需求量大,無論是提、搬、伸手拿、爬梯子、彎腰、蹲、側身、屈身等等,皆需習慣。
    Must be able to perform strenuous physical activity on a daily basis, including, but not limited to: lifting and carrying, reaching, climbing ladders, stooping, squatting, leaning and bending.
  • 無論天氣如何都能配合室內或室外照護工作。
    Work indoors and outdoors in a variety of weather conditions.
  • 有效面對管理不同氣質、不同品種的狗兒。
    Effectively handle all species of animals with a variety of temperaments.
  • 能長時間站與走,全日熱量燃燒不成問題。
    Standing and walking for long periods of time throughout the day.
  • 能長時間與不同性格以及病況程度不一的狗相處。
    Long exposure on a daily basis to dogs of all temperaments and medical conditions.
  • 有時為了因應特殊狀況或部門需求,週末、夜間或假日節慶需輪班,工作與排休時間會有彈性調整。
    Daily hours and days of the week may vary according to the needs of the department schedule: includes weekends, night, and holiday work.


Thank you for your interest in pursuing a career at People for Animal Care and Kindness. PACK is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or medical condition.


OR CALL: 02-6601-1216 and ask for Claire 


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